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Empower the Future: Donate School Supplies for Buffalo School District #27

Are you passionate about making a meaningful impact in your community? Do you believe in the power of education to transform lives? If so, we invite you to join us in our mission to support Buffalo School District #27 by contributing to our school supply fundraiser. The University at Buffalo Internal Medicine's Health Equity Committee is teaming up with D.O. More to provide essential school supplies to students in need, and we need your help to make it happen.

The Importance of Education

Education is the key to a brighter future, but for many students, access to essential school supplies can be a barrier to their success. In Buffalo School District #27, there are students who face the challenge of starting the school year without the necessary tools to excel in their studies. This is where our fundraiser comes in, bridging the gap and ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive academically.

Our Fundraiser Details

Fundraiser Start Date: Monday, August 14th

Anticipated Delivery Date: First week in September

During this fundraiser, we aim to collect a variety of school supplies that will directly benefit the students of Buffalo School District #27. These supplies include:

Our goal is to provide students with the tools they need to excel in their studies and be well-prepared for the school year ahead.

Health and Medicine Education

As an added bonus, members of the Health Equity Committee from the University at Buffalo will personally deliver the school supplies to the students. They will also take the opportunity to engage with the students and provide valuable insights about health and medicine. This holistic approach to education not only equips students with the necessary supplies but also empowers them with knowledge about their well-being.

Future Initiatives

Our commitment to the community extends beyond this fundraiser. The University at Buffalo Health Equity Committee will be hosting another fundraiser later in the year to provide Christmas gifts to kids in need. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting initiative!

How You Can Make a Difference

Your support is invaluable in ensuring the success of our fundraiser. By contributing to our cause, you're directly impacting the lives of students in Buffalo School District #27. To make a donation today, please visit our website at Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to creating a brighter future for these students.

Let's come together as a community and empower the future through education. Join us in making a difference today. Together, we can provide the tools and knowledge that will shape the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers. Thank you for your support!

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